Antam Gold Price Per Gram Melorot Rp 5,000

The price of gold bullion certified in Precious Metals owned by PT Aneka Tambang (Antam) Tbk today, Wednesday (05/28/2014) moves down.

As quoted from the precious metals, the price of 1 gram gold fractional Antam Rp 527,000. The figure went down by $ 5,000 when compared to the price of Monday (5/26/2014).

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The average price of a gram of gold for a fraction of 500 grams priced at Rp 487,600 per gram.

Meanwhile, the price of gold repurchase (buyback) by the Antam Rp 467 000. The figure was also down by $ 5,000 when compared to the previous price.

Here Antam’s gold bullion prices in other denominations:
1 gram: Rp 527,000 
5 grams: Rp 2,490,000 
10 grams: USD 4.93 million
25 grams: USD 12.25 million
50 grams: USD 24.45 million
100 grams: USD 48.85 million
250 grams: Rp 122.000.000 
500 grams: USD 243.8 million.


Boss Car Robbed, Severe Wounds Wife Got Sabetan Samurai

Abusive robbery occurred in Bandung , Monday ( 05/26/2014 ) . This time , the couple bosses rental showroom owners and used car sales in the Road Kalipah Apo numbers 62-64 , District Astana Newer , City of London , so the victim .

Information gathered at the scene, the robbery victim is Yuli ( 40 ) and Ferry . Yuli suffered severe injuries in his back and right finger type due to the sharp blade of a samurai committed robbery on the patio showroom .

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Yuli survived after quickly getting medical treatment . While Ferry , her husband , was not injured .

According to information from the Head Polrestabes Bandung , Sr. Mashudi , robbery four people using two types of motorcycles and Yamaha RX King Yamaha Mio , successfully carried off money amounting to Rp . 50 million out of the hands of the victim .

" As the victim tried to defend the money , the perpetrator ended up doing pembacokan , " said Mashudi in Astana Recent Police Headquarters , City of London , Monday afternoon .

Mashudi further explain the chronology of events . According to him , before heading to the showroom , the victim could withdraw cash amounting to Rp 50 million branch in BCA Kopo . After taking the money , on the way to the showroom of victims stalked by the perpetrators .

" The victim has been followed from the bank later guarded by the perpetrators , " he said .

Until now , the victim is still receiving medical attention at Immanuel Hospital Bandung . As a result of the robbery , Yuli allegedly depressed .


Jokowi and Prabowo Coming, No Special Security Balikpapan and Samarinda

Two presidential candidates , Joko Widodo and Prabowo , scheduled to come to Balikpapan and Samarinda , East Kalimantan , on Saturday ( 05/24/2014 ) and Sunday ( 05/25/2014 ) . There are no special security preparations for the agenda both of them.

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" They have not become a presidential candidate based on the provisions of the Commission . Then , we will do as VVIP security in general ," said Head of Public Relations East Kalimantan Police , Comr Fajar Setiawan , Friday ( 24/05/2014 ) .

Dawn said , security is done solely focused on security and order at the site attended the two figures . ” Focus on dense and prone location . “


When Jokowi and Prabowo has been established the Commission as a presidential candidate for the 2014 presidential election , said Dawn , then the extra security is applied . At that time , the security will be the equivalent of presidential security .

According to Dawn , each candidate had to be escorted by the Commission at least 40 people . Security of vehicles , he added , will be done by 7 to 9 escort vehicle , depending on the number of vehicles in the prospective group .

" The order , the leading motorcycle , sedan traffic , car security front , VVIP , bulletproof backup vehicles , ambulances , and guards cover . Exactly like guarding the president . , But this time ( escort by ) the police , " said Dawn .

Security for the presidential candidates , said Dawn , will start from the VIP arrival at the airport , hotel accommodation , the path , and the campaign , the group returned to depart for Jakarta .

Agenda Jokowi vs Prabowo

Although both come to Balikpapan and Samarinda , Jokowi and Prabowo had a different agenda . Jokowi arrived at Balikpapan on Friday night , while Prabowo was still in Jakarta .

Balikpapan , Friday night , will meet the volunteers Jokowi supporters and pro - Jokowi open declaration in two different locations . He is also scheduled to come Tribun Kaltim editor .

On Saturday and Sunday , Jokowi will do blusukan in Samarinda , attending Tanwir Muhammadiyah , meet volunteers , and SOWAN to King Kutai . Among the agenda density in the city , among other Jokowi visited several markets and leisurely bicycle activity involved .

Meanwhile , Prabowo scheduled just follow Tanwir Muhammadiyah in Samarinda on Saturday . ” Securing loose . Police only manage the traffic , ” said Michael , a resident of New Samarinda , anticipation about the security related to the arrival of the two figures .


Allow KPK Capital Funds Thaw Bansos KJP

Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) to allow the city government to release funds social assistance ( social assistance ) and grants for Jakarta Smart Card ( KJP ) .

KPK spokesman Johan Budi said the disbursement was made because these funds are not politically charged .

" In essence , the Commission does not prohibit the disbursement of social assistance funds and grants . If the funds are used for the proper thing , yes it’s okay , " said Johan , in a text message to reporters in Jakarta , Thursday ( 22/05/2014 ) .

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Thus, social assistance funds to be disbursed to KJP allowed . Because, in the appeal , it was submitted that the delivery of social assistance and grant funding allowed for activities that reliable .

Meanwhile , Head of Education Dept. Lasro Marbun said to go in the second quarter , yet KJP liquid funds to the learners . Redeemed , he said , waiting for a deal , from related parties that the funds actually disbursed to the students .

According Lasro , KJP disbursement delays this has to do with the nomination of Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo in Presidential Election ( Election) 2014.

" Mr. Governor we indeed become a candidate , and he was right local financial authorities . Thus , this form of commitment of the city government that the democratic party running smoothly , " said Lasro .

" From a commitment it has another effect , yes KJP disbursement delays . Not too long anyway , there is also the money . Hopefully in the month of July was liquid , " said the former head of the Bureau of Organization and Management ( Ortala ) Establishments that.

As information , the Commission has asked each regional head for not disburse grant funds during the legislative election campaign ( pileg ) and presidential ( election ) . Therefore , it is feared politically charged budget . As a result , students in the capital had to delay receipt of funds KJP .

Supposedly , the distribution is done quarterly. In the 2014 budget , the budget for KJP , worth Rp 832 billion with the number of participants 619 000 learners . ? The amount of funds KJP is Rp 240,000 to the level of SMA / SMK / MA , Rp 210,000 for SMP / MTs , and Rp 180,000 for SD / MI .

These funds are usually dropped or liquid every three months to the learners . Furthermore , in the 2014 budget , the city government will allocate funds and grants bansos reached Rp 1.2 trillion .


Jokowi-JK Investors Expected

Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) and Jusuf Kalla installed as a candidate for president and vice president of Indonesia , measured the wind can bring positive capital market .

Head of Operation and Business Development Panin Asset Management, Rudiyanto say , the news Jokowi paired with Jusuf Kalla give certainty to investors and the couple expected.

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"I saw a couple ( Jokowi - EL) and this nifty expected, " said Rudiyanto when met at the building Indonesian Stock Exchange ( BEI ) , Jakarta, Monday ( 19/05/2014 ) .

Since the beginning of the investor already Jokowi love and hope in the legislative election PDI- P party wins absolute or above 20 percent . However , the result did not reach 20 percent until a little disappointed investors .

" Sure there are in effect, but the effect does is permanent political . Ascension soon , if the old sentiment of fundamental issuers , " said he .

Further he says , CSPI increase in early trading today can not be denied from the effects of pair Jokowi and JK . “Yes, the market responded positively,” he said .

Quoted in today’s trading , CSPI opened strengthened 1.07 percent to 5085 levels and estimated Rudiyanto can still rising .


Games ’ Pro Cycling Manager 2014 ’ release on PS4

Games ’ Pro Cycling Manager 2014 ’ release on PS4

TOKYO - Game Pro Cycling Manager 2014 will slide in the latest generation of game consoles , the PlayStation 4 . Developed by Cyanide Studio and Focus Home Interactive is published by , this game brings some new locations .

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Reported by Softpedia , Sunday ( 05/18/2014 ) , the game publisher is ready to show off the first images taken from Pro Cycling Manager 2014. This game also featured the theme of the game of sports event of the Tour de France 2014.

In Pro Cycling Manager franchise history , this is the first time comes with the theme of the Tour de France in 2014 and gamers can play it on the PlayStation 4 . Efforts have screenshots , looks cycling exercise was performed with the best 3D graphics .

Pro Cycling Manager 2014 can also be played on PC . This game presents a simulation of the full 200 and 550 rounds of competition based on the data the actual tournament .

Cyanide Studio said it improves many of the core features in the game , such as gameplay race and a new user interface . This increase facilitates gamers to get information about the cyclist and complex orders for the entire team .

Gamers can also obtain a new management options relating to financial aspects and sponsors . In addition , there is a more dynamic transfer market and system for injured motorists were more reasonable .


Events Divide Free Ice Cream Also Damaged Grass City Hall London

Government of Bandung call PT Unilever Indonesia - related administration for Wall’s ice cream for free at City Hall London , some time ago . Head of General Secretary and Equipment Bandung , Ronny Nurudin Ahmad , said most of the grass in the park London City Hall damaged by the event .

Because , after being evaluated , visitors to the event - for free ice cream turned out to far exceed the quota reported in the permit application for the first time . However , he added , Unilever has come to apologize and pay for the damage .

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" Thank God no apology and they will replace the damage gardens trampled because mass is not well controlled , " said Ronny at London City Hall , Tuesday ( 05/13/2014 ) .

Ronny added , Bandung City Hall Park damage estimated at tens of millions of dollars .

" Estimated to Rp 25 million to Rp 30 million . From Unilever already responded . Not asking for cash , important parks back in one piece , " he said .

Reflecting on the incident , Bandung City Government said it would not give permission for use of Bandung City Hall activities that involve the masses that are massive .

" The event will we carry a lot of mass in Tegalega , " he said .

When contacted separately , a representative of PT Unilever Indonesia, which also served as Area Sales Manager Wall ‘s Ice Cream Bandung , Randolf Simangungsong , confirmed the meeting . According to him , PT Unilever Indonesia no objection to repair damaged parks .

" We do not object to the proposed . Responsibility we will all the damage , " he said .

Randolf added , before being called by the municipal government of Bandung , PT Unilever Indonesia has been aware of the consequences to be faced .

" Actually there is no complaint from the municipal government , we proactively to provide a solution , " he concluded .

In accordance with the wishes of Bandung City Government , form of responsibility which will be given by PT Unilever Indonesia will not in cash but with normalization of Bandung City Hall back garden .

Previously reported , the action - similar to ice cream made ​​in Surabaya also cause Bungkul Park and a green belt in the area damaged . As a result , the mayor of Surabaya , Tri Rismaharini , raging .

That same day , Risma instructed his staff to repair damaged parks . Losses due to damage to the park in Surabaya is predicted to reach $ 1 billion.


Mobile Firefox Start Marketed

Jakarta - After iOS , Android , BlackBerry , and Windows Phone , the smartphone platform ‘s official arrival of new challengers . Firefox -based smartphone made ​​by ZTE the Open C go on sale today and target the entry-level segment .

Interestingly , instead of throwing ZTE Open C to store shelves but market through buying and selling website e - Bay . For the initial stage , the Open C can only be purchased by customers located in the U.S. , UK , Germany , Russia , and 20 other European countries .

Armed with a dual -core Snapdragon processor with a speed of 1.2 200 GHz , 512 MB RAM and 4 GB internal memory , Open C is priced by ZTE in the range of USD 100 or about USD 1.1 million .

Other specifications as quoted from Digital Trends , Saturday ( 10/05/2014 ) , is a 4 inch landscape display with WVGA resolution ( 800x480 pixels ) and a 3 MP camera carried.

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Firefox OS is that it uses the latest version 1.3 . In this version of the OS Firefox has encountered an improvised significantly compared to previous versions such as POP3 email protocol support , share files via Bluetooth , and improved performance .


Visit the Museum of Ki Hajar Dewantara, Jokowi Interested In This Photo

Presidential candidate of the PDI - P Joko Widodo , Saturday ( 03/05/2014 ) , do tread in the footsteps of education in Indonesia by visiting the Museum of Ki Hajar Dewantara Students at Park Street , Yogyakarta .

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At home Mr Indonesian Education is built in 1922 , Jokowi visited every room , from the front yard , living room , den, up to the bedroom Ki Hajar Dewantara .

Not only that , the Governor of Jakarta is also seen interiors and belongings Ki Hajar Dewantara which is still well maintained .

The photos displayed on the walls of the terrace Museum Ki Hajar Dewantara Jokowi concern . The photos documenting the visit of President Sukarno Ki Hajar Dewantara .

Chairman of the Community Council of Noble Park Ki shocking Dwi Harso Students also explain the photo . At that time, said Priyo , Ki Hajar Dewantara advised that Bung Karno keep Pancasila in the constituent assembly because there are some anti - Pancasila .

" I told to Mr. Ki Hajar Jokowi then ordered that the Sukarno Dewantara keep Pancasila and must act decisively , as in the Constituent Assembly there were anti - Pancasila , " he said Saturday .

Accompanying him around the house Ki Hajar Jokowi Dewantara is Vice Chairman of the Council of Students of Prof. Dr. Noble Park Supriyoko , Chief Noble Daily Student Park Ki R Suharto , and Chairman of the Community Council of Noble Park Ki Priyo Dwi Harso students .

After touring the house is used as a museum since the 1980s , Jokowi took time to meet with some elementary school students since morning waiting in the front yard .


High waves, two elementary students at Beach Drifting Cipatujah

Two third grade elementary school student named Zaki ( 9 ) and Alfi ( 9 ) , of Kampung Cimangkak , Village / District Cipatujah , Tasikmalaya District , ocean waves swept swept away while playing on the shoreline , Wednesday ( 04/30/2014 ) night .

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Zaki found dead Thursday ( 01/05/2014 ) morning , while Alfi and still has not been found in the search until now , Thursday night .

SAR Team Coordinator Disaster Volunteer Forum Tasikmalaya ( FRBT ) , Yudoharto Gunawan said the incident began when the two victims playing on the beach after participating in karate training at around 17:00 pm on Wednesday . At that time , the waves were high , and the second alleged victim could not swim until at last the waves washed away .

" From yesterday evening we are already doing a search , but there are no results . This morning we found a victim named Zaki dead on the beach . That body has been handed over to the families of the victims . One more is still wanted , "said Gunawan to , Thursday night .

It was with the police officers for the time being only able to find at the seashore . Because the waves are still high and no one has dared to seek out to sea .

" The search for victims only be done manually . Because the waves are still high and dangerous. So no one has dared to sea , " said Gunawan .

Search for victims at the shore , said Gunawan , made ​​up to a radius of about 2 kilometers from the scene . With the hope of the victim will be brought back by the waves of the sea to the shore.

Gunawan also expect the presence of adequate operational support vessels to conduct the search for survivors into the sea . ” Now the barriers are still high sea waves , ” he said .